Invite Melkart to transform your team...

This is what world class leaders and organizations have said about our 3-Day “Jolt of Engagement” solution.
3 Days at your property… and the transformation begins!
If your mission is to fashion an inspiring work environment, enlivening your service excellence culture, driving leadership effectiveness, promoting guest engagement at all levels and spicing up your guest experience, nothing comes close to this journey… 3 Days of pure inspiration! Every human soul breathing under the roof of your property will be part of this journey. Period!
Day 1 – Team bonding: from Good to Great workshop for the Executive Team
Day 2 – Inspiring Leadership: Enabling Greatness workshop for all the leaders
Day 3 – Guest LOVE: Stories to Tell Keynotes for all the Colleagues
Crafted around your culture, this 3-Day holistic journey is one of a kind learning experience that will leave you and your entire team with a story to tell.
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