Principle #1

You can’t be what your culture is not

Truth #1

A purpose driven culture is a culture worth living

The purpose is that inner compass that powers your organization’s reason and passion. It is by far the one key ingredient for organizations to endure and thrive. In this truth , we will reveal the power of the core purpose and present a tool that will guide you to find your true north, the vital condition of success, your organization’s heartbeat, reason for being and noble aim.

Truth #2

Every culture has a silver lining: The Attar Factor

The core values are your ‘Attar’; the essence that defines your identity and enables your organization to unleash its heavenly fragrance. This truth will explore the rock mindset and share the silver lining exercise which will guide you to craft your values, the indispensable and permanent pillars that drive thoughts, behavior, performance and results.

Truth #3

Make the culture happen. For Real. Everyday!

For many, values are murky and elusive, and people don’t know how to live it. This truth will present a 6 steps habit formation process to form winning habits and automate the translation of your values into actions – transforming your organization from a culture of saying to a culture of doing.

Truth #4

With OXYTOCIN we charge

Significant organizational research presented accumulating proof of the considerable benefits of trust. This truth will provide a simple challenge (The oxytocin challenge) to inspire a culture of trust and show your people, in every way you lead, that they are at the heart of what you do.

Truth #5

It is the era of agility

Your organization is alive; it is a living organism longing to grow and thrive. New norms will continue to shape our business and new challenges to rewrite our world. This truth will share 5 fundamentals of agile cultures and guide you to uphold your core ideology and continuously flex with complexity, ambiguity and change.