Principle #3

You can’t be what your investment is not

Truth #11

The language of emotions

Brands are built on experiences and experiences on emotions. In fact, more than 50% of the customer experience is emotional. Organizations need to focus on deliberately infusing emotions in the customer’s journey. This Truth shares three blocks of emotions and their respective key drivers to amplify the intensity of the customer experience, influence perception, and drive advocacy.

Truth #12

The Holy Grail of customer experience

The customer experience is a collection of moments. It is vital for organizations to consider the customer’s point of view, decipher and map the customer journey, and convert the experience into an Oh Yes! Moment that adds enormous emotional value. In this Truth, I share three ways to create those Oh Yes! Moments: Scenography, WOWography, and Ethnography.

Truth #13

Spice up your experience

In today’s fiercely competitive climate where everyone wants a piece of the cake, organizations must unceasingly exploit our world of thinking for solutions and ideas that could possibly open new doors of opportunities. In this Truth, I present 20 insights that will propel you to search for answers, raise the bar, and reimagine your investment.

Truth #14

Uncover the cream of the crop

Selecting the right people is an indispensable success factor to any organization. They shape every customer’s encounter and have the power to design an experience that delivers on your promises, or one that triggers the Chewing Gum Effect and ruins your brand. In this Truth, I uncover the 10 fundamental attributes that I consider the real deal for colleagues in the service industry; attributes that filter and uncover the cream of the crop.

Truth #15

19 for COVID-19

Every 10 to 15 years, a crisis or something jaw-dropping happens, and in times of turbulence, great organizations reinvent themselves to stay relevant to those they lead and serve. Imagine a crisis as a line. On one side of that line is the status quo; the world as we know it. On the other side of the line is a great chance to thrive, a whole new world of opportunities. In this Truth, I share 19 tips to inspire you and fuel your quest to transform, make things happen, and finish strong.