Principle #2

You can’t be what your people are not

Truth #6

Talent alone is not enough

Your talents are the cards you were dealt, but it is how you play your hand that translates talent to performance. This Truth will guide you to inject talent with its vital allies, deliberate practice and inner drive to achieve “near perfect” performance.


Truth #7

Rethink leadership: All bets are off!

Today’s pace of change is relentless. The world as we know it is shifting, and at some point, it is vague as hell. This Truth repackages and redefines leadership. This new definition does not eliminate any of what you know about leadership, but in fact augments it.

Truth #8

Autonomy is the ruling currency

Winning in today’s competitive battleground requires leaders to shift from a me-centered paradigm (control paradigm) to a we-centered paradigm (release paradigm). This Truth makes the case that autonomy is critical for personal growth, vital for societal prosperity, and pivotal for organizational success. This Truth also presents the “Nine is Mine” autonomy kit to inspire you to navigate the world of autonomy.

Truth #9

Bring out the gold: A to Z

Leadership is a balancing act between focusing inward (self-awareness, self-control, and cultivating your personal operating system) and focusing outward (zero in on uplifting and leading others). This Truth shares 26 action statements with the aim to inspire you to approach leadership with the “Alchemist” mindset—finding your inner gold and bringing out the gold in others.

Truth #10

Energy: The supreme power

An impalpable power lies at the core of your organization. This invisible force makes your culture, and everything for that matter, work. This Truth reveals the power of organizational energy and will inspire you to orchestrate energy through the power of play, fun, and focus.