Principle #3

You can’t be what your investment is not We currently live in a world where customers’ expectations, needs, and demands are shifting. Like a butterfly, the perception of value goes through a metamorphosis—from product/production of goods (Stage 1) to service/provision of services (Stage 2), to finally experience/crafting of moments (Stage 3). Today’s organizations are required [...]

Principle #2

You can’t be what your people are not We live in a new world of business where the nature of human resources is going through a major shift. The only way forward is to reimagine the way we treat and lead our people. The problem is, HR people are always viewed as the organization’s “admins” [...]

Principle #1

You can’t be what your culture is not Organizational culture is a system of shared ideology—a set of beliefs, values, assumptions, and norms that define what is important and determine your people emotions, thoughts, actions, and performance. It is the force that defines the success of your organization; the hidden mark of distinction that shapes [...]

Greatness is NOWHERE

What is your definition of greatness? Is greatness nowhere? Or is it now here? Greatness is not exclusive to athletes, famous people or great organizations who have left their footprints in our world. In Greatness ISNOWHERE, Melkart Rouhana shows that greatness concerns every one of us: you and me, people who choose to find meaning, [...]