What is your definition of greatness?
Is greatness nowhere?
Or is it now here?

Greatness is not exclusive to athletes, famous people or great organizations who have left their footprints in our world. In Greatness ISNOWHERE, Melkart Rouhana shows that greatness concerns every one of us: you and me, people who choose to find meaning, the voice to lead a purpose-driven life, and the courage to make a meaningful contribution.

In Greatness IS NOWHERE, Melkart examines three principles to enable greatness:

Principle 1: You can’t be what your culture is not
How do you promote and inspire a winning culture; that intangible and hidden mark of distinction that literally shapes everything you do?

Principle 2: You can’t be what your people are not
How do you translate talent to performance, surround yourself with the right, talented, and passionate colleagues, and bring out the gold in others?

Principle 3: You can’t be what your investment is not
How do you bring your investment to the world, deliberately evoke emotions in your customers and convert your customer experience into one that chills and thrills?

Greatness IS NOWHERE answers all these questions and more and shares three Principles, 15 Truths, and 20 Tools to jazz up your culture, pep up your people, spice up your customer experience, and ultimately unleash greatness.